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Washer not draining completely? Not spinning properly? Or not working altogether? All these washing machine issues can be challenging, especially for homeowners with a busy schedule. Well, have no fear!

The team at Appliance Alliance is here to make sure you never have to deal with a broken washer again. With years of experience in the industry, we have gained the skill and expertise necessary to restore your washer back to normal within a quick time frame.

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Same-Day Washer Repair

Dealing with a washing machine not working is debilitating. And because we want to make your hassle as minimal as possible, we make sure to come to your home and fix your washer in little time. This is after we conduct a thorough evaluation of the appliance to troubleshoot it and determine the source of the problem.

Common Washing Machine Problems

Homeowners are likely to face one or more of the following washing machine problems over its lifespan:

Washing Machine Won’t Start
Washing Machine Cycle Taking Too Long
Leaky Washing Machine
Washer Not Cleaning Clothes
Washing Machine Not Spinning or Draining

We’ve dealt with these washer problems plenty of times before. Thus, we have the skill to address the issue and repair your washing machine quickly and efficiently, all according to industry standards and manufacturer guidelines.

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Repairing Washers of Every Brand, Make, and Model

No matter the brand, make, or model of the washing machine you have, trust that we can handle the problems. The types of washers we work on include:

  • Front-Loading Washing Machines
  • Top-Loading Washers
  • Portable Washers
  • Built-In Washers
  • Washer and Dryer Combo Machines

FAQ about Washer Repair

How much does washing machine repair cost?

The cost to fix a washing machine is determined based on the brand of the appliance, the part that’s causing the issue, and how much labour is needed to fix it.
Our appliance repair quotes are fair, transparent, and competitive. We will never overcharge you for a service you don’t absolutely need.

How long does a washing machine last on average?

The average life expectancy of a clothes washer is around 10-12 years. If you maintain the appliance and clean it on a regular basis, your washing machine should last for a decade.

Why is my washing machine not getting water?

If your washing machine is not getting enough water for the cycle, check the inlet valve that supplies the water. The inlet water valve is likely to be damaged, broken, or clogged. The right course of action, in this case, is to either repair the damage or replace the inlet valve altogether.

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Any time you have trouble with your washing machine, you know who to contact. Appliance Alliance will come to your rescue, no matter where you are located in Toronto and the GTA. Our team is prompt, professional and equipped with the knowledge to help you with your washer repair as fast as possible.

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