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At Appliance Alliance, we understand how inconvenient it gets when your appliances don’t work the way they are supposed to. With fast and effective stove repair, we at Appliance Alliance are here to save your day. Our technicians are quick and clean with their job which is why we also offer same-day repair as well as emergency stove repair to our clients so you and your kitchen can function normally.

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All Types of Stove Repair and Stove Repair Parts

Big or small, new or old, we fix all types of stoves for you. Our technicians are trained at electric stove repair for both induction and coil cooktops. They will keep you informed on where exactly the problem is. If you have a classic burner kitchen, you can call us in for top-notch gas stove repair. You can also reach out to us for part replacements. We offer all types of store repair parts like coils, regulators, stove fuse and more.

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Common Stove Top Issues That You May Face

Along with knowing what to cook on the cooktop, you should also know what can go wrong with your cooktop. Here are the common stove tops issues that you should know about.

  • Sometimes electric versions may not warm up properly which may require you to repair the electric stove right from the wiring.
  • Excessive smoke may come out of your stove burner.
  • Gas burners may burn from only one side. This might lead you to clean and repair the gas stove promptly.
  • If you are a heavy stove user, you might have to invest in scratched glass stove top repair from time to time.
  • You may experience a strange burning smell from your stove.
  • The stove regulators may get jammed.
  • Electric cooktops often fuse out due to variations in the electric circuit.

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How long do stoves last?

It depends on the kind of stove you have. If you have a gas burner, it may last for 15 years while a regular electric stove works for 13 years.

How much does stove repair cost?

Depending on the brand of your stove and the problem that needs to be fixed, stove repair can generally range from $50 to $300. Call us for the best deal.

How to reset a stove?

For most electric stoves, you are required to press the on/off button till the LCD display shows a clock.

Where are stove fuses located?

Most range burners have their fuse located near the stove controls where there is a detachable panel consisting of the stove fuse.

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Qualified Appliance Repair Toronto & GTA

With friendly and professional technicians, Appliance Alliance offers a variety of high-quality appliance repair in Toronto. From kitchen appliances to washers and dryers, we not only offer the best repair services but all the best repair parts and installation services to our clients.

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