Cooktop Installation

Cooktop Installation

Need to install your new cooktop yet don’t know where to start? Appliance Alliance is here to be your trusted handyman. We will disconnect a stove or take off the cooktop from your counter and install a new appliance in no time. Moreover, we can also dispose of your old appliance so you can save time and focus on what matters the most.

Cooktop Install

Types of Cooktops We Install

With the large variety of cooking appliances on the market, when you hire a handyman to install yours, they should be experienced in installing any and every type. We’re the ones to do that given we can install the following cooktops:

  • Electric cooktop
  • Gas cooktop
  • Combined cooktop
  • Gas stove
  • Electric stove
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What Our Cooktop Installation Service Includes

For us, it’s simply a lot more than just a cooktop installation. Many steps go into the process and that’s to make sure everything is done according to standards and safety bylaws.

  • We take off the old cooktop
  • We install the new cooktop into the existing place
  • Connect the unit to gas/electricity
  • Test for electric wiring/gas leakage

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Cooktop Brands Installation

Our team of appliance specialists are equipped and ready to handle different types of cooktop brands:

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Need Cooktop Repairs?

If your cooktop is broken or has stopped working, it’s not always the best idea to fully replace it. Be sure that when we come to your home, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your broken cooktop and give you the best remedy to your problem.

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How much does it cost to install a cooktop?

The price of installing a new cooktop depends on two main factors: the type of cooktop and your home’s accessibility. Installing a gas cooktop, for example, is a lot different than installing an electric one. And if the place of installation is crammed or not so accessible, it makes the installation a lot more challenging. These are the points we bear in mind when we give you the quote on the installation.

Can I install a cooktop by myself?

Homeowners with some skill in appliances can attempt to install cooktops by themselves. However, if you’re not experienced in appliance installation or simply trust a professional to do the job, then you should only entrust your new cooktop with the task.

Should I caulk around my cooktop?

Some cooktop manufacturers instruct customers not to caulk around a cooktop since it prevents proper maintenance. However, if the gaps around your gas cooktop are noticeable and you can still access the cooktop from below for service, sealing around its edges is usually a good idea.

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At Appliance Alliance, our commitment to our customers travels far beyond the installation. Once the job is completed, we will check your new cooktop to make sure it’s running properly. And our warranty policy is the proof you need to know that your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our team.

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