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It’s not every time one of your appliances breaks do you need a brand new one to replace it. Often, finding the faulty part and replacing it is effective enough to solve the issue. And this is where we come in! Appliance Alliance has a wide inventory of appliance replacement parts that we import from Toronto’s biggest appliance suppliers and manufacturers.

Reliable Parts for Your Home Appliances

Dealing with a leaky washing machine? A freezer that won’t freeze? Or a stove that won’t heat? Have no fear. The team at Appliance Alliance is here for the rescue. We service the following appliances, no matter the model or maker:

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Appliance Part Replacement at a Reasonable Price

Many homeowners worry about the cost to replace an appliance part, and we’re here to assure you that all our appliance part replacements are very reasonably priced. The last thing we want is to have you struggle with an appliance that’s not working. Therefore, one of our main priorities is to make our service prices affordable and fair, calculated according to the severity of the appliance issue and the extent of necessary labour.

FAQs about Appliance Parts

Is it worth replacing a fridge compressor?

Whether replacing your fridge compressor is worth it depends on the features you most value in the appliance. If you want a standard fridge with basic features, you might want to completely replace your old fridge with a new one. However, if your existing fridge already encompasses all the features you want, in this case, replacing a faulty compressor is worth it.

When should I replace my oven’s heating element?

Most oven heating elements last about 10 years on average, that is if the oven runs on the correct voltage and is periodically cleaned/checked for corrosion and oxidation.

How much does it cost to replace a dishwasher pump?

The cost to replace a dishwasher pump usually ranges from $150 to $350. The price is calculated according to the make of the dishwasher, its model, and the work needed to replace the pump.

When does my range hood fan motor need replacement?

You know it’s time to replace your hood range’s motor fan when you hear humming or strange noises coming from the hood when you turn the fan on, or when the fan stops working altogether.

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The Most Reliable Appliance Parts in Toronto

The next time you hear strange noises from your fridge or a funky smell from your dishwasher, contact us! We’ll come to your home and assess the appliance issue professionally and on time. With our wide selection of appliance replacement parts, you can be sure your appliances will be as good as new by the time we leave your home. Call us now!

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